First morning in Paris

After a wonderful night’s sleep, I woke up ready to rumble! There was a commotion outside of my window and when I looked outside, I was shocked to find an outdoor market! A real Saturday market full of local entrepreneurs! And that big brick building was an indoor market full of surprises.

I walked outside to immerse myself in this new experience.There were vendors selling purses, shoes, clothing, movies, music and everything else you could imagine. I heard the paper guy selling newspapers, smelled freshly baked bread and pastries and inhaled the aromas of more spring flowers.

pink flower from the Paris market

The vendor specializations were incredible. There was a lady who sold buttons. Only buttons in every size, shape, color and materials.

Buttons from the Paris market

There were indoor florists with more luscious flowers

white Paris market rose

long, oval radishes

radishes from the Paris market

and books by the thousands.

books at the Paris market

The market was almost too much. I started experiencing sensory overload and some of the odors were intense and conflicting. I escaped without making a single purchase because I had the rest of the day to explore the city.

Stay tuned for my Metro adventures!