Sooooo much stuff in this room!

Today is supposed to be my Self-care Saturday but it is not. After having traveled the previous month, my house is a wreck. Laundry, dusting and dishes are just a few of my chores. I also have work to do for next Friday’s One Roof junior board event, I return to the Nightingale Clinic tomorrow and (of course) I’m going to an event tomorrow night. And did I mention I have friends in town for a few days and I MUST see them?? AND a former roommate will arrive in two weeks?


These dishes won't wash themselves.
I have to buy a new dishwasher!


My easy Saturday has disappeared BUT that does not mean I’m not going to attempt some self-care. I am going to spend the rest of the day cleaning and washing but I will get an extra hour of desperately needed sleep tonight because of tonight I get to fall back!! YES! Thank you Universe for my extra hour of sleep! #DaylightSavings time for the WIN! And although I will wake at my regular 4:00 a.m. I’m going to attempt to go back to sleep. Sunday may (hopefully) start a bit slowly but it’s also a full day and I only have a two hour window of rest. I’ve actually scheduled a nap for that time!


I still have too much stuff.
Cleaning off my bed is my priority!


Did you have a self-care Saturday or are you counting on Sunday?