The Shire, Killarney
The Shire, Killarney, Ireland

Since I was in Ireland drinking, it made sense to drink at lots of different places, right? The Shire is a Lord of the Rings themed pub in Killarney with a focus on burgers. I sat at a table and made new friends (Hey April and Erin!) and enjoyed looking at their food although I did “borrow” a French fry! The Two Towers, two three ounce burgers with bacon, Cheddar, ketchup and onion rings, seemed to be the most popular.

Two towers burger
The Two Towers burger from The Shire. Photo from The Shire of Killarney.

Frodo’s Lager, Bilbo’s Beer and Gandalf’s ale are on tap as well as the Blonde Ale from Killarney Brewing Company. Shire shots, gin and tonics are available and the Sméagol on the Beach and the Mordorita may be the mixed drinks you didn’t know you needed.

And there’s more! Do you need a lie down after you’ve consumed all of your food and drink? The Sugan hostel is attached and the rates are extraordinarily reasonable. A continental breakfast and free coffee and tea are included. The hostel, adjacent to The Shire, is located at 31 Clovers Lane, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

And there’s more! Just as I was bemoaning the fact that I was not going to have an Irish romance, I was surprised not once but twice with a warm Irish hug!

Gandalf and Mia
Gandalf the Grey and I at The Shire


Mia and Smeagol at The Shire
Mia and Smeagol at The Shire

The Shire seems to be the place if you enjoy burgers to give them a try, And shoot me a review if you stay in the hostel. And remember:

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor.