Six More Weeks of Winter

It’s official: I have six more weeks of winter. I actually love winter but the common understanding of that phrase is more unpleasantness and six more weeks in the boot is certainly unpleasant. My latest ortho appointment was really not a surprise. Although my foot is no longer on fire, it is still quite tender to the touch which means the healing is incomplete. But there was also more good news: the physical therapy I’ve been doing has increased the mobility of my foot. I may walk like a toddler in the mornings, stumbling and unsure, but in seven weeks I hope to start easing back into running.

This injury has negatively affected my ability to travel. I need to stay off of my foot as much as possible and should sit and elevate it when I arrive home. This is challenging since I have to drive home (boot on, boot off, boot on), prepare dinner, and do my therapy. If I have an evening meeting (boot on, boot off, boot on) or need to pick up something before I arrive home, foot elevation is further delayed. The number of times per day I have to put on and take off the boot makes me sound like The Karate Kid (wax on wax off!) Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis are pfucking awful.

So what’s a traveler to do in this situation? Adapt of course. This month I’ll be discovering the world of adaptation traveling and will share everything I learn with you.

What was the first thing I learned? GET A MEDICAL EXCUSE FROM YOUR DOCTOR!¬†That awesome document is your “pass” to get you much of the help and accommodations you need. Even the TSA has to obey!

Have you had to adapt your travel to a short or long-term disability? Share how you solved that situation and stay tuned to read about my progress. And remember: winter ends soon!