Irish Church in Killarney, County Cork, Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This used to be a chance for me to find that solo piece of green clothing I had in my all black closet so I wouldn’t get pinched by my favorite ginger. But after celebrating my 20th Cancerversory on the Emerald Isle, I have true appreciation for Ireland, her struggle for freedom and her people.┬áSo today in honor of St. Patrick, I’m sharing some of my Irish posts for your enjoyment:

The Little Museum of Dublin
The Little Museum of Dublin

If you’re in Dublin and want a quick review of Irish history, go visit the Little Museum of Dublin. You’ll get to see wonderful artifacts, hear interesting stories (the one about JFK is particularly tragic) and become more of a fan of the Irish.


Aer Lingus Plane
Aeer Lingus Propeller Plane

Ireland has its own flag carrier airline and no, its not #IrishAir. Aer Lingus was the first propeller plane I flew on and it was certainly an adventure. After exiting the plane, an Aer Lingus employee asked me how was my flight. I replied honestly, “I didn’t die.” This comedy sketch from Saorirse Ronan on Saturday Night Live captures a bit of Irish humor regarding the airline’s name.


Durrus Cheese Board
Durrus Farmer’s Cheese Board

Now, if you find yourself in West Cork, go visit Durrus Cheese. I had heard of ‘farmer’s cheese’ but had never tasted it until my visit there. Their Farmers’s cheese is small batched, artisanal and hand processed. And, most importantly, sharp, brined and grassy flavors depending on the age of the cheese. My main regret during my visit to Ireland was that I was unable to bring home samples of the cheese.

If you’re in Birmingham, the parade starts in 5 Points South at 1:30. The weather has been dreary so wear your green raincoat and prepare to party! Here’s a link to the celebrations and a map of the parade route. I hope I’ll see you there and I’l be the blonde still with #SkittlesHair. Where are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?