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Travel App Spotlight: EatOkra

I probably have waaay too many apps. I am a collector. If someone recommends one, I grab it. If I read about one that might help me, I download it. Some have been crap. Some didn’t get updated. Some lost their tech support. Some just disappeared. I should do an app audit every so often […]

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Ten Reasons To Talk To Strangers When You Travel

Don't be afraid to talk to strangers when you travel

Travelers come in all types. There are, luxury travelers, adventure travelers, last-minute travelers and suspicious travelers. I also think there are travelers who talk to strangers and those who don’t. One of my multiple personality quirks is my love of talking to strangers when I travel. I don’t know that many people so EVERYONE is […]

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Chocolate Dessert

I LOVE food. Now, I’m talking about food that makes memories in my DNA. Food that takes me back to my childhood. Food that’s so good I shed a tear. Or twelve. Food that makes my heart stop, for a few seconds.   Food that inhabits my dreams. Food that guides my travels. I travel to […]

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Day of the Dead 2019

Dia de os Muertos altar

This was supposed to be my big Dia de Los Muertos year! I’d been searching for the right dress for years with no luck. It had to be long, black, and ripe for accouterments. I had a vision of my outfit and I planned to bring it to fruition. Then my IBS decided to remind […]

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