Thank you London! I had a marvelous time! The weather was cool and misty, I was introduced to paella and it was wonderful meeting new people, making new friends and visiting with birdie. The time I spent in Paris was all about what I wanted to do and having the freedom to do just that. Experiencing a city with other people requires a different mind set and a willingness to compromise. There are benefits to both of these experiences.

Thanks first to birdie. She could have refused to allow me to visit and that was her right. After all, this was HER study abroad, not mine .

Thanks to her flat mates who allowed me to crash on the sofa. I enjoyed meeting them, learning about their goals and plans and watching them enjoy treats from home. (But that suitcase was still HEAVY!!)

Thanks to Gina and Baron for watching over my birdie and watching her discover herself.

Finally, thank you London! Thank you for your history, architecture and culinary diversity. I look forward to returning and getting to know you better.