Where's TJ Maxx?
TK Maxx In Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful place but not without it’s share of name oddities. File this post under Things You See In Ireland. I saw this beauty in Killarney and took a peak inside. It turns out TK maxx is  just like TJ maxx because the same company owns them.


Eddie instead of Johnny Rocket's
Where’s Johnny?

But then we get to the Rocket’s (NOT the Rocketts) and they are not the same nor are they owned by the same company. I’m not usually a burger girl so I didn’t visit this restaurant while I was in Dublin so you’ll have to read these reviews and if you go let me know how it was. But be sure to eat at Johnny’s first so you can provide an accurate burger comparison. You don’t know where Johnny’s is?

Here’s Johnny!

(I couldn’t resist a bit of King/Kubrick humor!)