Drive through shenanigans.
Dude, you should have gone into the bank.


What’s a #MondayTuesday you wonder? It’s a Tuesday in name only because it’s really MONDAY ALL DAY! Yesterday’s easy Veterans Day, or any Monday holiday for that matter, usually means Tuesday will be a bear. And it has been. From the moment I woke to a strange smell in my kitchen (time to take the garbage out) to almost getting killed on my way to work (SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!!) to the very strange banking encounter (can I just give you $30.00 back?) today has been a Monday.

I seldom have food garbage because I hardly cook and I attempt to use the entire vegetable that I’m going to eat. But I can’t eat avocado skins or seeds and it turns out they don’t like sitting for weeks in the garbage can. I had to open the doors and windows to help clear the smell! #MondayTuesday

This morning I was behind EVERY school bus and ALL of the parents trying to get their kids to school. Some parents must have forgotten there was one holiday this week and not two because several of you careened around corners and flew down hills as you attempted to get your progeny to the bus stop while recklessly, sharply and quickly pulling in front of other drivers and ALMOST HITTING ME. Congratulations on the safe driving example you are setting for your soon to be hormone flushed teenage drivers. I look forward to meeting them on the road. #MondayTuesday

And finally my bank transaction. I pulled into the drive through expecting a short wait because it’s the drive though. But the human in front of me apparently did not understand that since I waited behind them for 25 minutes and who knows how long they were there before I arrived. When it was finally my turn, the teller was confused by my simple deposit: one $25.00 check and $78.00 cash using two $50.00 bills. So I sent two $50.00 bills and a check for $25.00 with a total deposit of $103.00 clearly written on my deposit slip. The teller kept saying I sent too much money. I said just send back the change. The teller said my deposit made her out of balance by $11.00. I said “It’s $78.00 cash and a $25.00 check and that’s a total of $103.00 so return $22.00 to me.” The teller asked if she could just send me $30.00 and correct my deposit slip. I said. “Sure, why not!” So tomorrow I have to return to the bank, inside this time, and correct today’s deposit. #MondayTuesday ALL DAY LONG.


Take me to the beach
Orange Beach sunset


These are the types of days I wish I was leaving the drive through and driving to the beach. I haven’t visited the coast all year and it’s NOVEMBER. And I won’t visit this month because I’m hanging with the former roommates. I need the beach. I need the sound of the waves, the briny smell of the sand and a cool salty breeze. I need to run on the beach as the sun rises and sit and watch it set. I need to gaze at the little fish darting in the shallows and admire the sailboats in the distance.

I think I can squeeze in a trip before the end of the year if I play kitchen hunger games and my cards just right. I believe if I fail to visit the beach I may find myself in some brutal road rage accident and breaking a drive thorough window.


Orange Beach feet
My feet on the beach waiting for a wave.


Has today been a #MondayTuesday for you? I hope not.