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Step Up Your Luggage Game


Day 10 of the 12 days of Christmas gifts for your traveler provides you the opportunity to step up your luggage game. It’s time to take your travels to the next level and new luggage will take you there! Imagine taking a trip to your top destination in 2018 and walking off of the plane with everything you need. You step out of the airport, into the sunshine and on to your adventure. There’s a cab, Uber, or train waiting for you and then you’re on your way! What will make that travel dream come true? The right luggage.

I will concede that sometimes you need to check some bags. When I visited relatives in London a few years ago, I brought two checked bags and one was full of American goodies (Girl Scout cookies, dill pickles, brownie mix, cooking spices and lots and lots of cereal) which was a small price to pay to stay with the family. I also checked a bag when I went to Amsterdam due to my Plantar fasciitis. I was already in a boot and riding in a wheel chair and I couldn’t drag a bag with me. That suitcase also had American gifts for my Amsterdam family and it was HEAVY. But now I am firmly on team carry on and I want you to join me. Now, if you’re taking a road trip somewhere and you have the need and room for more luggage DO IT. But isn’t there a laundry mat you can hit on your cross country trip? Asking for a friend….

This bag weighs less than 11 pounds and is 20 inches wide when every pound and inch counts in the air. The exterior pockets are roomy and the top flap can hold a suit on a hanger as long as its folded. Combine this suitcase with packing cubes and you’ll be good. Actually, you”ll be great! As per the requirement, if you make a purchase from my Amazon affiliate link, I will receive (almost nothing) a commission that will NOT affect your price.

Are you ready to fly into 2018 with a lighter load? Which things are you leaving behind? Tell me!