External hard drive
Bring It, Shoot It, Store It, Save It


Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts brings your traveler portable peace of mind. How many photos and video did you take on your last adventure? If you’re like me, I took over 1000 just on my phone. I have been baptized in the church of #CloudBackUp when I killed my favorite Apple child earlier this year and I make sure everything is backed up daily. But for a long time I relied on the security of my phone or computer which was a terrible mistake. But these days we need a multi-prong approach to saving our data and a portable hard drive should be part of that plan.

I used to travel with several small jump drives to back up my photos and videos and I always quickly ran out of room on them. But this 4TB portable drive can see me through a trip and hold most if not all of my digital images. Your travel lover will appreciate that it is plug and go and weighs just over half a pound when every ounce counts in the air. In addition to photos and videos, it can also hold business and event documents if your travel is more work rather than vacation. Western Digital has been in the hard drive business for a while and they have an excellent reputation and this one has an option for password protection. And YES, password protect everything including any thumb drives you receive at events. You can never be too safe. It will require reformatting for IOS but that’s nothing new.

LAST ONE: I will receive a slight commission if you make this purchase through my affiliate link and it will NOT affect your purchase price.

So are you ready to help your traveler walk the easy travel road with this portable drive?