merry christmas
Merry Merry!


Merry Merry Christmas To All!

Today is the 12th and final day for Christmas giving and even if you forgot to get anything on my previous lists, it’s not too late to come through for your travel lover. What do we travelers really want? To GO somewhere so here’s your chance to save Christmas and give them a gift they can use today. Buy it, print it, text it or email it and you are (silver and) GOLD! I have had a great experience with each airline, rail company, and hotel and that’s why I’m suggesting them.

  • Air France – best airplane meal I’ve EVER had
  • Delta – first time I used a Buddy Pass
  • Aer Lingus – first time flying on a propeller plane and I didn’t die
  • Southwest – ALWAYS an excellent flying experience
  • Amtrak – I believe in rail service and I love meeting rail travelers
  • Virgin -not Mary but the vivacious airline
  • Marriott –  always a good night’s sleep
  • American Express – my favorite kind

Have a great day!