Power Mad For Traveling


It’s day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas gifts for the traveler you love and I have a confession: I never have enough plugs when I travel and I often need an extension cord. Which I never bring. Oops. But the great thing about this plug is you can share it with the new friends you make when they see you have an extension cord with multiple outlets and USB slots. WHOO HOOO! You’ll start singing I’ve Got The Power and dancing in the airport right before you show up on someone’s YouTube channel. Or you can blast the song yourself and create you own channel and invite people to join in. I’m not confessing anything, just suggesting……

This adapter also has a converter which MIGHT be necessary for some of your electronics. I visited Amsterdam in 2016 with my laptop and iPad and I thought my super cheap adapter was just fine. But after meeting a fellow traveler who shared her MacBook  experience (power surge, EEK), I thought it might be a good idea to invest in something a bit more safe and secure and that would convert the North American wattage to the wattage of the rest of the world. It’s unlikely that your electronic devise will be damaged without a converter but check with your manufacturer first.

I also don’t travel with a hair dryer (#ShortHairDontCare),electronic tooth brush or electric razor so my needs may be different than yours. Additional information is here to  help guide you. The link in the photo will take you to my Amazon affiliate site and I will receive a teeny tiny commission if you make a purchase but it will NOT affect your price.

Have you had an overseas electronic outtage? Tell me about it and tell me how you solved it.