Four pack of Tile
Lost And Found


It’s day 6 of terrific travel gifts and I’m going to help you get out of the lost and found lane. I lose something every time I travel. I lost my only pair of winter gloves in Ireland on the Killarney Ghost Tour which wouldn’t have been a big deal but winter came to the South with a vengeance and my cold hands don’t reflect my warm heart! I’ve lost soap, shampoo, socks, bath sponges and once, one of my favorite hats. I’d like to blame the losses on exhaustion: I was simply too tired to remember to pack that stuff because it has little value. Except for my gloves and hat. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t lost my luggage (I won’t count the times airlines have “re-routed” my suitcases) or my phone and I knock on wood before a trip.

But one day I WILL lose something important and expensive and this is where Tile comes in. I’ll easily find my misplaced keys (usually stuck deep in my sofa), phone (fell out of my purse and landed between the car door and seat) and camera bag (it’s black just like every other bag and purse I own) and my life will be a little bit easier. I even lost my Roku remote for months because it was stuck in my sofa.

What is it about my sofa…….

This four pack of Tile is great because it gives you options on what to “tag” and comes in two sizes. This frees you from having to mentally keep up with four things. Tag your keys, luggage, purse and passport. Or your backpack, phone, surfboard and camera. Tag whatever you need to try to keep up with and let’s try to reduce our “I lost it” travel anxiety. The link to Tile leads to my Amazon affiliate account and I will receive a super small commission if you make a purchase but it will not affect your price.

Have you tried Tile? How did it work for you?