Travel water bottle
Never Be Thirsty Again!


Travel makes you thirsty and day 7 of the 12 days of Christmas gifts for travelers will you help kill your thirst.  Yes, you’ll be thirsty to travel more but travel also makes you dry especially if you’re flying. The airplane air is super dry with about 20% humidity and flying for just a few hours reduces the amount of moisture in your body. And if you’ll lose even more moisture if you’re a anxious flyer and you tend to perspire when your nervous. That’s why we need to drink lots of WATER while we’re flying. Yes, the free alcohol is a bonus on some international flights but make sure you’re also drinking LOTS OF WATER and you can count fruit and vegetable juices as well. I keep any bottles of water I’m given and chug them while getting my luggage. Then I try to refill my bottles to drink on the way to my accommodation.

Carrying around a bunch of water bottles can be inconvenient and tiresome. And don’t get me started on trying to recycle the bottles once I leave the airport: almost impossible! So today’s gift is ideal for me and you. This collapsible water bottle holds a full 22 ounces of aqua. I can fill, refill and fill it to my stomach’s content. It weighs less than half a pound so it wouldn’t be a burden and the entire top comes off so it can be filled easily. It rolls almost flat and can be hooked to a purse or backpack. It’s shatterproof (that’s a bonus for me since I’m pretty clumsy and I always drop things), leak proof and supposedly can handle hot liquids but I’d try that at home over my kitchen sink first.

So buy this water bottle and join #TeamCarryOn while reducing the amount of plastic on our earth. And here’s the purchaser’s disclaimer: may receive a fraction of a dollar (true) if you make a purchase through my affiliate link but it will not affect your price. #Amazon

So, are you convinced? Are you ready to reduce your plastic footprint  and at least join #TeamWaterBottleCarryOn?