Case Logic DSLR And Laptop Backpack
One Bag To Carry It All!


Day 8 of the 12 days of traveler Christmas gifts helps you join team carry on! If your traveler loves to take photos, I’m sure they’re lugging a big bag around with a camera or two plus several lenses, flashes, a tripod, remotes, filters, and who knows what else. And I’ll bet they have a separate laptop bag with more accessories: jump drives, extra batteries, external hard drives and more stuff. But what if you could help them scale down and pack their technology into one bag and carry it all? I have several laptop bags including a super slim one for traveling, a larger one for heavy duty working with space for a planner and note books and a cross body that can only hold a MacBook. I also have a ridiculous number of camera bags. I have the one that looks like a purse, the one that only holds the camera and a short zoom or prime, the cross body that’s too heavy and the one that looks like a box.

I think I may have a problem……..

I used to take one of each plus a suitcase, usually checked because I met my “2 personal items” limit with the above, and I still felt like I needed a bigger bag to bring more stuff. ARGH!!!  What I really needed was a bag to hold a laptop and camera with a smart amount of computer and camera accessories. The Case Logic SLRC 206 is prefect. It weighs less than three pounds, holds a 17″ MacBook Pro (HEY APPLE, WHERE IS THE NEW 17″?), a camera with lenses (or a drone), space for a tripod and enough pockets for the essentials. Bring what you need and leave the extras at home. I would slide a wallet or passport, power bank and a journal into the bag. And snacks, always snacks.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to travel light and join team carry on? Here’s my new disclaimer: if you make a purchase through my affiliate link I will receive a minuscule commission that will not affect your price.