120 L Pacsafe
Stay Safe My Friends!


Today is day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts for the traveler and we need to talk about safety. Yes, you should be safe when you travel and be aware of your surroundings, don’t flash your money, pay attention to your credit cards and credit card machines, don’t take gifts from strangers as your’e boarding and all that jazz. But let’s also talk about walking around safety and sleeping in a dorm safety.

I have yet to be mugged or pick pocketed at home or on an adventure and I consider myself to be quite lucky. And I’m just lucky because the time will come when I will get hit like anyone else. I have lost and misplaced lots of things but never had anything purposefully taken from me. When I pack for a trip, I am careful about what I pack but hey, I NEED my computer and camera and lenses! So, how do I keep them safer? I’m thinking of using this Pacsafe stainless steel container to decrease the odds of having my stuff stolen. Now if someone wants to take your things, they’re going to find a way. But let’s make it HARD for them. The Pacsafe is a stainless steel mesh protector that your backpack or other bags can fit into. It comes with padlock, carrying bag and comes in different sizes. It is an anti-theft deterrent NOT and anti-theft protector so know that before you buy.

The Pacsafe is also great if your’e staying in a dorm since you can lock your bag to a piece of furniture (make sure it’s heavy and can’t be moved.) But I don’t stay in dorms. I. Just. Can’t. Unless the dorm is full of my friends and we can lock the door to the room. Kinda like a beach trip but in another country. But my girls need to get their passports!

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Do you have a Pacsfe? How has it worked for you?