U2, made in Dublin
U2: Made In Dublin

One of the first things I saw in Dublin was this sign. I clearly remember seeing my first U2 video, New Year’s Day, and watching these guys riding horses in the snow and singing and playing instruments. In the cold. In the snow.


This made NO SENSE to me since I’m from the South but the music was great, that guitar was kicking and I learned later this was an Irish band.

An Irish band is a thing?

Yes. The Irish are quite musical and I enjoyed ALL of the live music I encountered throughout the country. There was music spilling out of pubs, restaurants and on almost every street corner I walked past in Dublin but U2 is the pride of Dublin.

I haven’t seen U2 in concert, yet, but they are on my list. I feel the need to pursue them so I don’t live in the regret of not seeing them. Maybe I can incorporate them in my 2018 travel list. Have you seen U2? Which concert was it?