Indianapolis bridge over the White River
Indianapolis Komen 5K


I set an audacious goal to run a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure every Saturday this month. I’ll have one local race and three traveling races. My first race turned out to be a bust thanks to my Lincoln lemon. I was eventually rescued at 11:30 a.m. by Andy Haynes of Express Towing and Recovery. He figured out where I was on I70 and promptly came to get me. Andy me towed through more Indiana cornfields to Bignell Automotive where the owner, Zack, listened to me, assured me he would fix me, called me with updates, repaired my car, gave me some pointers and sent me a text the next day to make sure I’d arrived home safely! If you ever find yourself in or near Terre Haute, Indiana and you need help with your car, PLEASE give these two gentlemen a call and a shout and a Facebook message! They completely saved me after I was repeatedly abandoned by Safeco Roadside Assistance. Hey Safeco Roadside Assistance, you should take customer service lessons from Zack and Andy. It’s been fa week since you failed me and I’m still waiting for that supervisor to call me! But I and my plans will NOT be defeated. I needed a plan b for my missed Komen run.


Andy and Mia in front of a tow truck
Happily rescued by Awesome Andy!


Twenty-one years ago I was almost defeated by my cancer treatments. There was the non-stop vomiting from Adriamycin that landed me in the emergency room from dehydration and then into the hospital. There was the day on one of my radiation days  when I was asked to raise my arm for treatment and my flesh just split open. My nails fell off, my veins turned black and I had light sensitivity. But I didn’t die.

There was no way I was going to let the Lincoln lemon defeat me. I had a reunion with Bisa (CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST KOMEN!), picked up my car from Zack and returned to Indianapolis for dinner with the family. I decided my plan b would be to walk a 5K in Indianapolis. I didn’t have time to return to Terre Haute but I could take that walk on my way to Birmingham.


5K map in Indianapolis
5K completed in Indianapolis


So I did! I didn’t get a medal or a bag of goodies and no one cheered for me or yelled out my name but I did get the satisfaction of completing my own “Indiana Komen!”

Has something tried to defeat you but you wouldn’t let it? Tell me and let’s CELEBRATE!!