Lavender dream catcher bath bomb
Lavender Bath Bomb


Today was supposed to be my serious self-care Sunday. But you can probably guess that the “self-care” did not occur. My plan was to visit family, take a long nap, and satiate my strange ice cream and barbecue cravings. If I didn’t know better I’d swear I was pregnant since I cannot get enough of that freaky food combination. Instead I woke up late after another late night and then my day went South.

I recognize that this is happening too often. I need to take better care of myself so I can do all of the things I want to do but little things keep happening to delay my rest. I keep agreeing to additional tasks, family comes into town, friends need help and I haven’t even addressed the house stuff: laundry (it really never ends, does it), groceries, dusting, cooking, email (currently at 1044 unread), phone calls, writing, editing, image processing.

Today I was supposed to use that bath bomb for a long, hot soak but I had a fast, cool shower instead. How do I solve this? I think I’m excellent at saying “no” but it appears that’s not really true. My planner shows this week to be completed booked even as I sign myself up for a 5K this weekend. What is wrong with me?

I need to problem solve some things in my life and re-set my priorities. Tonight I WILL be in bed by 9:00 10:00 p.m. I’ll start my laundry tonight and finish it in the morning. The kitchen will get cleaned, my lunch is ready and packed for the week (apples and peanut butter) and I’m going to put a blanket and pillow in my car on the off chance I get to nap during the day. Maybe this plan will give me the flexibility and rest I need. Maybe.

Can you suggest any additional ways to free up my schedule? PLEASE tell me!