chocolate truffle
Chocolate Nirvana at Pizzelle’s Confections

















I. Love. Chocolate.

I have loved chocolate since I was born. I am the only chocolate lover of my five siblings and one of them actually hates chocolate. Yes, that makes me question if we are really sisters but because she was born before me, I’ll have to take our mother’s word for it. Mom often calls me a “chocolate freak” in an endearing, confused, she-doesn’t-understand-my-chocolate-obessesion way and no, this is not my stage name. I simply love chocolate.

I didn’t know “World Chocolate Day” existed because every day is chocolate day for me no matter where I am in the world. And I try to buy chocolate everywhere I travel but sometimes I eat it before it makes it home.

I initially ate the chocolate that was easily accessible to a child without a job but who had excellent begging skills:  Reese’s Cups, M&M’s, Mounds, Snickers, Almond Joy, all of the Hershey’s. I discovered there are things that are NOT supposed to be inserted in MY chocolate: raisins, dates, peanuts, walnuts, coconut, cherries, oranges, minty things, berries and this new compulsion to put salt on chocolate! I prefer my chocolate candy dark with almonds or pecans. With a few exceptions……..

Chocolate is holy sign
Pizzelle’s Chocolate Is Holy Sign







What’s marvelous about devouring chocolate as an adult is the opportunity to support local chocolatiers and enjoy excellent chocolate. I enjoyed a hosted visit to Pizelle’s Confections at Lowe Mills in Huntsville, Alabama and received a chocolate education. “Chocolate Is Holy” maybe a better term than “I Love Chocolate” and the chocolates at Pizzelle’s are (w)holy incredible!

Pizzelle’s chocolates are the exceptions to my chocolate rules. My palate was introduces to incredible new flavor combinations thanks to them.

Holy Trinity Truffle
Pizzelle’s Holy Trinity Truffle









Pizzelles Holy Trinity Truffle is described as Dark chocolate ganache with chocolate liqueur & caramelized cacao nibs, dipped in dark chocolate & topped with nibs & sea salt. Remember earlier when I stated I did not understand why people keep sprinkling salt on chocolate? Now I understand. The bit of salt on on this truffle gave depth to the chocolate and made the carmel taste warm and sweet. And those chocolate nibs?? Crunchy bits of chocolate fireworks.

Chocolate Sexyback Truffle
Pizzelle’s Sexyback Truffle









The Sexyback Truffle is Salted caramel in a dark chocolate shell. I will never again question the logic of combining caramel and salt after eating this truffle. The almost bitterness of the dark chocolate was lifted with the salty caramel making it a quiet holy trinity of flavors.

Chocolate Covered Nougat Montelimar
Pizzelle’s Nougat Montelimar









My final chocolate enlightenment appeared in the form of nougat. “Too much like marshmallows,” I’d always thought. And I was wrong, again. Pizzelle’s nougat is like a dense cloud filled with dried fruit and nuts. I was sure I was going to hate it. But I LOVED it! The fruit never overpowered the chocolate and instead complimented it. Each bite was a new chocolate education.

If you’re like me and every day is Chocolate Day, celebrate by eating excellent chocolate. And make that investment at Pizzelle’s. Pizzelle’s is located at 2211 Seminole Drive, Railroad Room #4 Huntsville, AL 35805. Go there. Buy there. Eat there. And let me know if you also received a chocolate education.